Ian Ferreira Photography


Wedding & Elopement Photography

Often people ask me if I like shooting weddings. And it never ceases to amaze me that they would ask such a question. But I guess a lot of people find weddings stressful. I personally thrive in that setting. I love love. 

I love the vow. I love seeing two people rise to the top. People in love are awesome. The way couples look at each other. They're so entirely different than everybody else I know. People dress up,  people are Sensational. Usually people like to be in nature which I love also. Sweet. Beautiful landscapes and Beautiful People all dressed up in love. What's not to like? 

And as far as my constantly evolving photography skill set. It's so challenging that it is always inspirational. There's outdoor light in changing environments. There's indoor light. There's flash photography. There's posing pictures and candid photography. Photojournalistic photography. Black and white and colour. The possibilities seem rather endless!!! 




Monica Drenth August 9th 2022

I could not have imagined a better elopement experience. Ian was incredibly relaxed, and that helped us to relax and have a lot of fun.

What is more, Ian is a true artist. Honestly, I could not believe how lovely our photos turned out. Stunning, is what they are. Everyone is raving about them!

We can’t thank you enough, Ian, and feel very fortunate to have found you.